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Vancouver Lake Crew is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our ability to continue serving the community depends on your continued generosity.

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ROWING: Adults/Masters, Collegiates, High Schoolers, and Middle Schoolers


Vancouver Lake Aquatic Center Waiver
Please note that a swim test will not be required for activities that require a PFD (i.e. dragon boating, SUP, and kayaking).

Swim Waiver Instructions

All ROWING members of Vancouver Lake Crew are required to provide proof of swimming proficiency. This requires filling out our swim test form and having it signed off by a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor -- not just a lifeguard.

Note that 'good swimming technique' is not required for our purposes; we are merely concerned with your safety in the water. You will be asked to show that you can (1) swim 100 yards; and (2) tread water for 10 minutes and then put on a life jacket.

Below are a few locations where you can take the swimming test - Please call to schedule your visit.

For addresses and contact information, see the Swim Test Form.