Vancouver Lake Crew

How We're Funded

Vancouver Lake Crew is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our ability to continue serving the community depends on your continued generosity.

Adult Rowing

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Row with a buddy.

Coach Alan (360)241-6522 will be scheduling private sculling lessons during the late spring, summer and early fall. Times and days are flexible to meet your busy schedule.

For our master members-- during the winter, spring and fall, Thursday (9:00am) and Saturday (7:30am) are coached rows (summer is the Saturday time only). Many master rowers are meeting other mornings during the week if you need help with equipment. Please use the buddy system during the cold winter months.

Are you a first-time rower?

18 year olds and older who are new to the sport.

Lessons will teach you: how to safely transport a rowing shell to and from its rack; how to maneuver a rowing shell efficiently and competently in the water; and safety for you, your equipment, and other rowers. You will become a confident rower.


For rowers with experience from high school, college, another rowing club, or former VLC members re-applying for membership, you will need to check with the head coach to verify your skill level and to determine which boats you may row. College rowers with no sculling experience are welcome to join the highschoolers in the summer from 8-10am to learn to scull. Or, you may join one of the adult sculling lessons. Please refer to the adult calendar.

Call your old sculling buddy or get your old sweep crew back together and join our active adult rowers.

Swim Test

Part of the application procedure involves a swim test waiver. This waiver must be signed by a certified water safety instructor--not just a lifeguard. Note that 'good swimming technique' is not required for our purposes; we are merely concerned with your safety in the water. You must: (1) swim 100 yards; and (2) tread water for 10 minutes and then put on a life jacket. Local pools, such as those found on our application page, have provided this service for our current members, so they should be familiar with this requirement. However, any certified water safety instructor will do.


Read more in the FAQ section of this website.

Safety Video

Please take the time to review the safety video from USRA.

Regattas We Might Attend

This is a list of regattas, scrimmages and events we have participated in over the years. We do not go to all these events every year. There are many other regattas and opportunities to race for the ambitious rower. This will give you a brief idea of what to expect and where to get more information. For a description and information on each of these regattas, please take a look at the Regattas PDF.

Budd Inlet; Head of the Dog; Row for the Cure; Salmon and Seal; LO/OP; Portland Fall Classic; Head of the Lake; Row to Remember

Christmas Lights Row; New Year's Row

Vancouver Lake Crew Spring Regatta; San Diego Crew Classic; Covered Bridge Regatta; Vancouver Lake Crew City Championships; US Rowing Northwest Junior District Championship; US Rowing Youth National Championship; US Rowing Masters Regional Championship

La Framboise/Canada Row