Vancouver Lake Aquatic Center

How We're Funded

Vancouver Lake Crew is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our ability to continue serving the community depends on your continued generosity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become a member? There are two ways:

1. If you have had previous rowing experience (e.g. high school, college, or another rowing club), contact Coach Alan 360-241-6522 to be evaluated. The evaluation allows us to put you into an appropriate boat for your current skill level, impart club rules and safety protocol, and familiarize you with the surroundings of Vancouver Lake.

2. If you are new to rowing, take and successfully complete one of our lesson sessions (group, semi-private, or private). Contact VLC 360-241-6522.

What does a member receive for their monthly dues of $50?

Membership at Vancouver Lake Crew's rowing club provides you with access to rowing equipment appropriate for your skill level, plus opportunities to develop and improve your rowing through weekly coaching sessions. We have a trailer full of Concept II rowing machines for the off-water days. Come down to the lake as often as you would like.

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is needed, just bring yourself ready to exercise. SNUG FITTING shorts or long tights are most appropriate. Loose clothing can get caught in the tracks. Bike, dance and running gear work well, as do clothes made specifically for rowing. Snug, tucked-in t-shirts, cool-max and polypro work well to move moisture away from your body. Bring layers if the day is cool. Waist-length windbreakers are useful. You will warm up as you row! Your coxswain will allow time to peel off extra layers at some point in your practice. Wear shoes you do not care about; shoes will be left on the dock and can get wet. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, water bottle! There is water on site. Some people like to wear batting gloves with the finger tips cut off, although it is best to row without gloves. Leave rings at home to avoid getting blisters.

How fit do I need to be?

Anyone can do it. The more you row, the fitter you will become. Rowing is a technical sport that enables rowers to be learning their entire lives! We will teach you to row in sculling and sweep boats, but we emphasize sculling in singles. In 3-6 months, you should have mastered the basics of rowing.

Where do you row?

Vancouver Lake is a 2,300 acre lake located 3 miles west of downtown Vancouver. It is a rather shallow lake, so is not ideal for motor boats. It has a no-wake speed on the lake, so we do not see many boaters on the lake, except a few fishermen and during hunting season. There are no bridge abutments, barges, power boats, or water skiers to navigate around. It is just us for most of the year. Vancouver Lake Sailing Club is across the lake, and we, on occasion, see them out sailing. But for the most part we have the lake to ourselves. Rowing on Vancouver Lake is an absolutely beautiful experience. Where else can you have a view of three volcanoes at the same time (Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood)? On a clear day we can even see Mt. Rainier. We have a view across the lake of the Lakeshore neighborhood. The wildlife is enormous - herons, cormorants, otters, beaver, nutria, gulls, osprey, bald eagles, mergansers, lots of frogs, and fish trying to jump in your boat.

Which Regattas Does VLC Attend?

This is a list of regattas, scrimmages and events we have participated in over the years. We do not go to all these events every year. There are many other regattas and opportunities to race for the ambitious rower. This will give you a brief idea of what to expect and where to get more information. For a description and information on each of these regattas, please take a look at the Regattas PDF.

Budd Inlet; Head of the Dog; Row for the Cure; Salmon and Seal; LO/OP; Portland Fall Classic; Head of the Lake; Row to Remember

Christmas Lights Row; New Year's Row

Vancouver Lake Crew Spring Regatta; San Diego Crew Classic; Covered Bridge Regatta; Vancouver Lake Crew City Championships; US Rowing Northwest Junior District Championship; US Rowing Youth National Championship; US Rowing Masters Regional Championship

La Framboise/Canada Row